Swiss Cleaning Family


Delphine and Kim founded Swiss Touch Cleaning Service Inc in August 1999 after moving from Washington State back to Clearwater.

Delphine was born and raised in Switzerland, a country known for it’s cleanliness (and it’s chocolate of course). The name was very fitting to show the quality of service the company strives to give.

Prior to starting the company Delphine was the Director of Housekeeping at the “University Inn” in Seattle for 3 years where she learned the ropes of scheduling, cleaning and the managing of 18 housekeeping staff.

Kim was born in the U.S. but has Swiss roots thru his great grandmother. He worked a variety of jobs including hotel work.

Within 1 year of starting their business they hired their first employee and now have many very skilled and competent staff. Their company goal is to always to provide the best cleaning possible.

In the above picture Kim and Delphine enjoy the Swiss countryside with their son.